Spiritual Exploration for Children

  • Nursery care is available for ages 0-4 during the service. Drop off in the gym, or preschoolers may come to the service for the story and then go to the nursery when the older children leave for class.
  • The children’s class (grades K-5) begin in the service with their families, but then, after story time, attend class with staff member for the remainder of the service. 
  • We emphasize skills that help children live UU values in their everyday lives (“Take it out into the world”). We incorporate social justice work into our programming throughout the year.
  • The purpose of faith development is to nurture, not indoctrinate, the inherent spirituality of children. We teach respect for ourselves, for others, and for the independent web of life of which we are a part.
  • What will my child learn about the “Big Questions?” We will learn together that all big questions have many answers, and it is our responsibility to seek responsibly our own answers. For example, there are as many ideas about God as there are people. Death is a mystery that is linked inextricably to life; how we live out lives each day is of utmost importance.
  • There is no registration fee.

Contact re@uulakenorman.org for questions regarding current programming.